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New date of the World Hotel and EuroGastro

New date of the World Hotel i EuroGastro!

We are pleased to announce the new date for the World Hotel and EuroGastro trade fairs in 2024! The fairs will take place from March 12th to March 14th, 2024. This will be an excellent opportunity for all enthusiasts of the gastronomy industry to meet, exchange experiences, and discover the latest trends in the world of gastronomy. The new date aims to align with the industry’s needs and ensure the participation of as many exhibitors and guests as possible in the event.


15th anniversary of the World Hotel: foreign exhibitors, development of the hotel and HoReCa industry


15th anniversary of the World Hotel: foreign exhibitors, development of the hotel and HoReCa industry

On March 28-30, 2023, at Ptak Warsaw Expo, we celebrated the 15th anniversary of the only event on such a scale dedicated to the hotel and HoReCa industry, – World Hotel. This event brought together an international group of exhibitors and a clientele ready to invest.

World Hotel was created out of the desire to integrate the sector, increase its security in the context of possible crises and increase the sphere of mutual influence. The experience of recent years has confirmed the belief that these are key factors leading to further development and strengthening the position of the industry in relation to European and global competition.

During the World Hotel, managers and owners of catering facilities, food technologists, equipment rental companies, persons responsible for supplies and equipment, as well as representatives of catering companies could get acquainted with the wide range of exhibitors. Restaurateurs, cooks, confectioners, ice cream makers and baristas established new business contacts and cooperation on preferential terms, taking advantage of attractive discounts available only during the event.

A full range of possibilities thanks to the World Hotel exhibitors

Almost 18,500 visitors to the World Hotel had a chance to learn about offers, services and products from almost six hundred exhibitors. Producers and distributors of furniture, hotel lighting, interior design elements, hotel haberdashery, textiles, cleaning agents and cleaning devices, clothing for employees, telecommunication equipment and solutions or computer hotel management systems presented themselves on the 30,000 m2 area of Ptak Warsaw Expo. In addition, this group also includes suppliers of ventilation, heating, air conditioning, energy management, building automation, burglary protection, recreational infrastructure and SPA & Wellness design.

Pramazut, Matrix Pack, FaxPol, JanPol, Trusted.pl, Reworks, Miele, Essity, Italvelluti, Paged, Plexiform, Selt, Duet and Stuart were present at the event.

The partner of the fair was Melitta Professional.

The next edition of World Hotel will take place in 2024

The 15th anniversary of the World Hotel was celebrated grandly. It will be no different during the next edition of the event, which will take place on March 26-28, 2024. Thank you for participating in this year’s edition of the fair and we invite you to the next one!


Modern solutions for the hotel industry for the 15th anniversary of World Hotel 2023


Modern solutions for the hotel industry for the 15th anniversary of World Hotel 2023

On March 28-30, 2023, at Ptak Warsaw Expo, we will celebrate the 15th anniversary of one of the most important events in the service sector in Europe, World Hotel. The international hotel industry fair will be devoted primarily to development and integration. There will be exhibitors from all over the world.

The last three years have been exceptionally intense for the hotel industry. It faced new challenges to which it had to react dynamically. The coronavirus pandemic stopped the whole world, including the service part, which faced the specter of stagnation that had not been there for years. When the Government withdrew the restrictions in force, inflation and the economic crisis hit the pockets of customers and entrepreneurs, which strongly influenced purchasing decisions and slowed down the demand for services.

What conclusions can be drawn from the recent turmoil? That the industry needs to be even more flexible and better prepared for any scenario. It needs security guarantors, universal solutions and safeguards that will allow it to resist the negative economic situation and take further steps towards a more confident tomorrow. Its needs are fully met by World Hotel, the international hotel industry fair, the 15th edition of which will take place on March 28-30, 2023 at Ptak Warsaw Expo.

What does World Hotel offer?

World Hotel is an event that meets the needs of both exhibitors and visitors. The former will be able to present their innovative solutions to representatives of the hotel industry, focused on establishing new business relationships and cooperation. During the event, there will be no random people – this guarantees the reduction of marketing and promotional costs while reaching a broad and specific target group.

For both participants and exhibitors, this event is also an opportunity to update knowledge and gain valuable information about the market – including its needs and challenges it has to face. Companies operating in the industry will present their innovations, and experts and business leaders will expand the knowledge of the gathered with global trends.

The industry scope of the event includes companies offering catering and refrigeration equipment (ovens, refrigerators, freezers, deep fryers, cooling cabinets, showcases, counters and others), hotel equipment (furniture, lighting, decorations, security and the like), bathroom and laundry equipment (washing machines, showers, bathtubs, toilets, washbasins, Jacuzzi and others), cleaning agents and cleaning devices as well as air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. For both parties, the World Hotel is thus an opportunity to sign contracts on favorable terms and negotiate the best terms of payment and delivery.

The last edition gathered over 18,000 visitors and almost 600 exhibitors. This year will be record breaking. Thus, it is worth taking part and taking the next step in the development of your company. After all, the more cooperation and new business relationships, the more secure tomorrow in the hotel industry.

Get a free ticket to the World Hotel: https://worldhotel.pl/en/registration-b2b/
Become a World Hotel exhibitor: https://worldhotel.pl/en/exhibitors-registration/

The official partner of the Fair is Melitta Professional.

The Polish Gastronomy Forum will respond to the pressing challenges faced by the HoReCa industry

As always, we have prepared discussion panels and inspiring lectures with industry leaders!

We invite you to:

  • practical business consulting,
  • meet&greet sessions,
  • examination of gastronomic needs,
  • analysis of global gastronomy trends,
  • challenges of Polish entrepreneurs in the face of changes.


The industry range includes, among others, kitchen equipment, bakery, confectionery, coffee, hotel, restaurant and bar equipment, and a separate drink & bar section.

The profile of a trade fair visitor includes:

  • Managers and owners of catering facilities,
  • food technologists,
  • Equipment and tableware rental companies,
  • Responsible for procurement, equipment, upgrades, etc.,
  • Representatives of catering companies,
  • restaurateurs,
  • cooks,
  • confectioners,
  • ice cream vendors,
  • Baristas

We would like to invite you on March 28-30th to Ptak Warsaw Expo!


New date for World Hotel


New date for World Hotel

Ptak Warsaw Expo, as the leading organizer of trade fairs in Poland, always makes key decisions guided by the opinions and suggestions of the industry. This was the case in the fall of 2021, when, thanks to close cooperation with exhibitors, we organized 17 international trade fairs, attended by over 2,000 exhibitors and 170,000 visitors from all over the world. We were the only trade fair center in Europe that successfully organized such a large number of events.

Also now, in the spring, we attach the greatest importance to cooperation with exhibitors and jointly analyzing the current situation and making decisions favorable to individual industries. The biggest event of the spring season 2022 will be the International Fair of Solutions for the HoReCa Industry World Hotel  and the accompanying EuroGastro fair. This year’s event is special, in 2022 it is the 25th anniversary of the EuroGastro Fair, and it is also the first edition organized by Ptak Warsaw Expo. We would like both of these events to be supported by a great event that would be a celebration of the entire industry.

Therefore, taking into account the numerous voices of exhibitors, we have decided to postpone the World Hotel Fair until May 17-19, 2022.

We are already sure that a record number of visitors will come to the fair. At the moment, we have over 13,350 registered visitors from Poland and abroad. Our participation was confirmed by 150 exhibitors and new applications are still coming in. All previous arrangements related to your participation in the Fair are binding.

Thank you for the many words of support that you address to us as the new organizer. Only joint activities will allow us to prepare the event in the best possible way, and to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EuroGastro fair with you.

Thank you for your opinions and see you at the Fair!


Winners of the Innovation Competition of EuroGastro WorldHotel


Winners of the EuroGastro WorldHotel Innovation Contest

We invite you to participate in the competition “Innovation of EuroGastro WorldHotel”

Ladies and gentlemen,
The jury of the “Innovation of the EuroGastro WorldHotel” competition has selected the winners, whom we are pleased to present to you.

Congratulations to all companies!

Category “HoReCa Equipment and Equipments”


BAGSTAR.pl limited liability company sp.k.


    • Bela Mesa s.c.
      for Porcelana siloxIht – verso, perla and facet


  • BWT Polska Sp. z o.o.
  • Marcin Krowicki Jarosław Krowicki s.c. – EcoUse® brand
    for ANHYDROUS WRITER EcoUse P1.1

Category “Hotel facilities and new technologies”


DORA METAL Sp. z o.o.
for the “Hygiene and Safety” Line


LSI Software S.A.

Category “Food and drink for gastronomy”

The jury did not award any awards in this category

Congratulations to all the winners!


Winners of the Competition for the Best Product of the WorldHotel 2020 Fair


Winners of the Competition for the Best Product of the WorldHotel 2020 Fair

1st PLACE: Winterhalter Polska



  • Ireneusz Węgłowski – President of the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry – Chairman
  • Marcin Mączyński – Secretary of the Chamber of Commerce of the Polish Hotel Industry
  • Krzysztof Gonciarek – Member of the Management Board of Polskie Wydawnictwa Specjalistyczne ProMedia Sp. z o.o.
  • Dariusz Mika – Director of Investments and Operations CONSULTING PLUS HOSPITALITY Sp. z o.o. limited partnership
  • Wojciech Słowik – President of the Management Board of Synho Sp. z o.o.
  • Anna Wielgos – Member of the Management Board of MT Targi Polska S.A.